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  • Delaille Raubenheimer

Celebrating South African Wine’s Birthday

Join One&Only Cape Town, in partnership with Wesgro, as we celebrate the 364th birthday of South African wine on 2nd February 2023.

Celebrating the beloved South African Wine, One&Only Cape Town is pouring in an exceptional experience on 2nd February 2022, in partnership with Wesgro.

South African wine is undoubtedly one of the world’s most dynamic wine producers. Centuries ago, dating all the way back to 1655, Governor Jan van Riebeek planted the first vineyards near Cape Town, signalling the start of what would become a booming industry as the decades went on. The 2nd of February, 1659 marks the day the very first bottle of wine was produced on South African soil, an entire 364 years ago – a date that One&Only Cape Town plans to celebrate in style.

One&Only Cape Town is popping open an experience that is the first of its kind, inviting winemakers, wine enthusiasts and the public from all over the Cape to come together to celebrate the industry and its history and, of course, celebrate wine! Ever popular and steeped in heritage, the history of wine in South Africa is celebrated across cultures and has united locals in the most unique way for decades. Much like a rich Shiraz or a complex Pinotage, wine has a powerful story that spans the country over.

Not only is South Africa’s Wine Birthday an opportunity to sample new blends and farms, but One&Only Cape Town’s Executive Chef Jacques Swart and his team promise a feast for all. With an array of food stalls, lamb rotisserie, roaming canapés and more, perfectly chosen and combined with the featured wine farms, expect every bite will present the perfect pairing. The fabulous Acoustic Element, with support from local favourite DJ West, will provide the perfect musical backdrop to what is set to be an unforgettable event.

  • Tickets: R650 per person, includes all food and beverage - Click here

  • Time: 5 PM – 9 PM on 2nd February 2023

  • Venue: One&Only Cape Town

South Africa Wine Birthday promises to be the start of something very extraordinary. The resort, in partnership with Wesgro, is looking forward to turning this experience into an annual celebration – so cheers #ToUs.


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