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  • Delaille Raubenheimer

South African Brandy tops the charts at the Intercontinental Spirits Challenge

Boschendal XO Potstill
Boschendal XO Potstill

South African Brandy continues to stake its claim among the world’s premier drinks following chart-topping performances at this year’s Intercontinental Spirits Challenge held in Kortrijk, Belgium. Producers of South Africa’s quintessential spirit have just been awarded eleven of the authoritative competition’s highest accolades including a trophy for the Boschendal XO Potstill.

The Intercontinental Challenge annually singles out the best drinks of entries from across the globe, and made the announcement of its best-of-the-best just days ago. Winning an award is a mark of the most outstanding distinction.

Best South African Brandy
From left to right, Oude Molen XO, Bayede! XO and Oude Molen VSOP

In addition to snapping up a trophy, South African brandies that received Double Gold at the event were Sydney Back Potstill Brandy 10YO; Sydney Back Potstill Brandy 15YO; Oude Molen VS and Oude Molen XO. Gold was awarded to D'Aria The Piccolo Brandy; Sydney Back Potstill Brandy 25YO; 100 Reserve Premium Brandy; Oude Molen VSOP; Bayede! XO and Tokara XO Potstill Brandy. Furthermore, DGB was named Outstanding Producer for the second year in a row, for its exceptional performance.

Sydney Back Brandy
From left to right, Sydney Back Potstill Brandy 10YO; Sydney Back Potstill Brandy 25YO and Sydney Back Potstill Brandy 15YO

“South Africa’s brandy masters have done us proud once again,” says South African Brandy Foundation director Christelle Reade-Jahn. “Through them, South African brandy’s legacy of excellence that has been refined over more than 350 years, just keeps getting better.”

The final leg of the Intercontinental Spirits Challenge took place in Europe with the event’s official media release declaring the brandy and cognac category “an event highlight”.

“These spirits' depth of flavour, complexity, and unparalleled quality enthralled the judges. The Boschendal XO Potstill, with its exceptional complexity, remarkable character, and finesse, stood out…”

The release says the producer of the Boschendal XO Potstill, DGB, was named Outstanding Producer as “a testament to [its] unwavering dedication to excellence, solidifying their reputation as a leader in the spirits industry”.

Best Brandy in South Africa
From left to right, 100 Reserve Premium Brandy, Tokara XO Potstill Brandy. and D'Aria The Piccolo Brandy

For several of the winners in the competition, it was a return to the podium. Last year, Oude Molen XO and Sydney Back Potstill Brandy 15YO won trophies and led a pack of Double Golds for South African brandies.

Specialist judges on the panel at the Intercontinental Spirits Challenge this year, included industry veterans Dr Caroline Snyman CWM, Dr Mare-Loe Prinsloo and Kobus Gelderblom.


For more information, visit The official website of the South African Brandy Foundation includes details about the country’s brandy homes, routes and to explore brandy heritage as well as a free introductory course about brandy-production.


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